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How is Senior Living Services (SLS) able to provide its services to me at no cost?

Senior Living Services has procured agreements with a wide range of retirement and assisted living communities. Should you select an SLS referred community, the referred community pays SLS with a referral fee. The referral arrangement has no consequents to you.

How do I get started on my free consultation?

To start your free consultation, simply complete the information form on the “Contact Us” link.

An SLS representative will contact you shortly after reciept of yout inquiry. Any information give will be held confidential.

Why should I consider moving to a retirement or an assisted living community?

Retirement and assisted living communities are designed to maximize its resident’s independence, providing a number of services and amenities. Some of the programs include: dining arrangements, transportation, social, spiritual and  physical fitness programs, as well as personal assistance as needed. These services can provide you and your loved ones piece of mind, knowing that your needs are being met.

Can SLS provide me with other resources?

SLS networks with a number of senior support services and agencies. Referrals can be made to you dependent on your particular situation.   

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